No Roads Left – just a few paragraphs inspired by the song of the same name by Linkin Park.

I run as fast as I can. I run until I break down; until the silence splits me open. I hold my head in my hands and sit for five minutes, an hour, two hours. I honestly don’t know anymore. When I look behind me, I see the world I run from. The world full of betrayal, slaughter, fear, conformity.
It is but a painful reminder of my fears and flaws. I created that world, and it is taking its toll on me. Consuming me, it made me lose my purpose. It disguised my pain as my pride, making me think I deserved this. It masks itself as a goal gone wrong in my endless quest for perfection.
I look ahead at the paths in front of me. Dusty, firm, wavy paths leading toward  the horizon. Representations of the choices we make and their unknown consequences. I think of all of my choices, and look at the paths again. Now, I look ahead and I see no roads left but one. 
Credit: Suvidhi B. (Me) 

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